Who is the father of lord Krishna?

Who is the father of lord Krishna?

Lord Krishna, the greatest personality of Godhead, Who has no beginning, no end, and no one greater than Him, came to the planet Earth as the son of His loving devotee Vasudeva.


“Vāsudeva” in the prolonged form is a vrddhi-derivative of the short form “Vasudeva,” a type of Sanskrit formation that means “of, belonging to, descended from.” The forename Vāsudeva (with long ā) is a popular name of Lord Krsna, Who descended to the earth planet in Dwapara Yuga as the son of Vasudeva and Devaki.

Vasudeva married Devaki, Kamsa’s younger sister, as well as Pauravi, Rohini, Bhadra, Madira, and Vrikadevi. He had eight sons by Devaki, six of whom were slain by Kamsa and the other two being Balarama (transferred into Rohini’s womb) and Krishna. Subhadra, Rohini’s daughter, was also his child. Vasudeva had also married Sutanu, the princess of Kasi, and had a son named Paundraka, according to various Bhagavata Purana versions.

As ordered by Kamsa, Vasudeva and Devaki spent the most of their early adult lives behind bars in the lowest pits of darkness. Vasudeva was noted for his consistent approach to life and for being a truthful guy who never lied during his existence. Vasudeva was enthroned as the Crown-Prince of Mathura under the reign of Devaki’s uncle, King Ugrasena, after Kamsa was killed by Krishna.

According to the Bhagavata Purana, King Nanda of Gokul Kingdom was King Vasudeva’s cousin brother and close friend. Srimad Bhagavatam, Canto 10 and the Mahabharata confirm that King Nanda and King Vasudeva were brothers. When King Vasudeva married Devaki, the daughter of Mathura’s King Ugrasena, Ugrasena was imprisoned and the kingdom was stolen by Devaki’s brother, a terrible tyrant named Kamsa. Due to a heavenly prophecy that Kamsa would be killed by Devaki’s eighth child, an enraged Kamsa planned for all of Devaki’s sons to die at birth. As a result, six children died. Krishna came in front of Devaki and Vasudeva in his four-handed Narayana form, asking Vasudeva to put him in the care of Nanda Maharaj, and then transforms into a newborn baby.

On the night of the child’s birth, Vasudeva took his newborn son, Krishna to Nanda and placed him in his care so that Nanda may raise him. Yashoda was married to Nanda. Nanda and Yashoda, were also loving devotees of the Lord, whom the Lord chose to be raised by His lovely will. Nanda, the cowherd chief, and his wife Yashoda raised both Krishna and Balarama. Nandanandana (son of Nanda) is one of Krishna’s names.

Nanda (also known as Nanda Baba, Nanda Maharaja, and Mandaladhish Nanda Rai) was a Kshatriya chief and Krishna’s foster father, according to the Harivamsha and Puranas. Nanda was the son of Parjanya Maharaja, the ruler of the Mahavan-Braj province, and Devamida, the Yadava king. Nanda was the chief, or Mandaladhish, of Gokul, one of the Yadava tribe’s most powerful divisional regions.

Nanda Maharaja, Krsna’s father, is adored by all the planets and delighted the citizens of Vraja. He has a protruding abdomen, a sandalwood complexion, a tall stature, and bandhujiva flower-colored clothing. His beard is a blend of black and white hair that resembles rice and roasted sesame seeds. Nanda Maharaja is also known as Vasudeva because he exudes the glory (deva) of enormous wealth (vasu). He is also known by the name Anakadundubhi, and it is said that he had a past life as Drona. Maharaja Nanda’s names are described in the Garuda Purana’s Mathura-mahima section. Maharaja Vrsabhanu, the father of Krsna’s beloved Srimati Radharani, is Nanda Maharaj’s closest friend.

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