Aroma of tulasi that merge with doughnuts and milk sweets of different varieties,

Beautiful butterscotch, vanilla and chocolate cake, that remind the beauty of our marble deities,

Perfectly spiced samosas, pizzas and sev puris, pani puris and dahi puris that bring joy in any weather,

All this and more in Govinda’s Bakery – a spot like none other !

No celebration is complete without delicious food, music, loving friends and family,

Enjoy all these here, along with the very source – Sri Giridhari!!

New job, new child, good health, success in business, or good wife,

Reasons may be any – there’s no better place to celebrate joys of life!

When we think of cakes and tarts, Govinda’s is the most marvellous Bakery in all our hearts !

Their day begins with blessings of our Lordships as they attend the Mangala arthi. Following this they do meditation on the Lord by chanting the holy name.

They cook and bake with happiness, peace and purified conscience. The Govinda’s bakery’s food not just pleases your palette, but soothes your heart (mind) and nourishes your soul!

Govinda’s Dosa Corner

The satvik food your “Soul has been searching for”. Thin, crispy, perfectly roasted dosas with traditional south Indian sambar and luscious red chutney make you go – WOW!

Sumptuous Butter dosa, Succulent Masala dosa, soft idlies or crunchy vadas with many varieties of chutney– you don’t want to miss any of it!

Whether you are hungry for food or hungry for happiness, few minutes spent at dosa corner can quieten the noise quickly. Enriched with Krishna’s mercy through a devotional offering, this Krishna Prasadam can give you unparalleled satisfaction and peace.

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