Giridhari’s Goshala in Bangalore, a unit of ISKCON HBR, Sri Narasimha Giridhari Mandir, is located in Kacharkanahalli, East Bangalore. This goshala, for cow protection, was founded in 2011 with 2 cows and 2 bulls. It has now grown to a family of 60, including cows, bulls and calves belonging to various indigenous breeds. Cow rearing and cow protection have always been an integral part of Vaishnava life style and Giridhari’s Goshala facilitates this seva opportunity for everyone in the community.
This goshala stands in the place that was previously earmarked for the construction of an abattoir. But with the support of the local community, the prayers of devotees, and the Divine plan of Krishna, the desecration of this place in the name of an abattoir was averted and instead became His divine abode and an important landmark in East Bangalore. Giridhari’s Goshala, touted as the Best Goshala in Bangalore East, strives to improve in every way possible to provide the best living space for the cows here. With this objective, there is some exciting news in store! Extension of Giridhari’s goshala is underway to accommodate its growing family comfortably, and everyone is welcome to contribute towards this exciting project. The cost per square feet is Rs. 1499/ only.

Different Sevas at Giridhari's Goshala

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Cows are considered sacred in Vedic Tradition and there are many reasons for this. The cow is seen as a maternal figure who provides nourishment and life-giving sustenance. Cows also play an important role in agriculture, providing not only milk but also manure for crops. For these reasons, maintaining a healthy population of cows is essential to the well-being of both humans and the natural world. One way to support cows is through goshala donation. Goshalas are sanctuaries where cows can live out their lives in peace and dignity. Goshalas provide a safe haven for cows who have been abandoned or mistreated. By donating to a goshala, you can help to ensure that these cows have a safe and comfortable place to live. By supporting a goshala, you ensure that the cows are treated with care and respect.


In addition, your donation helps to protect the environment by preserving the cow population. As a result, goshala donation is an important way to support both cows and the natural world.

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