Bigger space needed for the Goshala

At the earliest!!!We began as a small, humble family of three cows but now we have become a joyous and healthy family of 60 cows and bulls and more calves are on their way! We need to move around freely and sit down to socialise peacefully in the quite afternoons without bumping into each other!! So, our house, the Giridhari Goshala, is expanding!

This extension can happen sooner if you can also help! Will You?!

Have you heard of Lord Krishna’s Goshala in Vrindavan, during the Dwarapara Yuga? Have you heard of its grandeur? It was home to 9 Lakh cows……Yes 9 Lakhs!!
Lord Krishna used to know each one by their name and when he took them out for grazing each day, it was a sight unimaginable! The cows loved Krishna as much as He did them. They expressed their love in so many ways! In fact, Lord Krishna refused to wear any foot wear as His mother Yashoda could not get any foot wear for the 9 Lakh cows!! He questioned her, “How do you expect my cows to walk bare foot?!”
After experiencing this kind of divine love, the cows reciprocated too. They started to stomp and pound the sand and mud of Vrindavan, all along the path Krishna took them so that it became soft as silk and would not hurt Krishna’s Lotus Feet, whenever He walked that way. This place, known as Raman rethi, still exists in Vrindavan.
Such was the exchange of love between Lord Krishna and His dear cows.

According to our scriptures, when one is serving the cows, they are actually serving all the demigods who reside in various body parts of the cows. Rendering Go Seva pleases all these demigods and thereby Lord Hari too. The demigods and Lord Hari, when pleased on being offered such loving service, in turn bless us with prosperity, unlimited5 wealth, good health and peace! Just in one place we serve all the demigods instead of having to visit their respective individual shrines, which might be time consuming and not feasible by many. Isn’t this an amazing way the Vedas have prescribed to please Lord Hari and His administrators?!

Go Seva is most dear to Lord Krishna! It brings auspiciousness, harmony and prosperity not just to those performing the Go Seva but to the entire society.

With just the grass mother cow eats, she gives back in multitudes in the form of nutritious milk and milk products. Gobar gas, organic farming, several medicinal products are just a few of the many uses provided by the byproducts of cows. The cows also give us more love than what they receive from us.

Do you want to understand this love?
Then you have to visit Giridhari’s Goshala, ISKCON Narasimha Giridhari Mandir, HBR Layout.

Giridhari’s Goshala was established to benefit and enable us, the people of this unforgiving Kali Yuga, an opportunity to perform Go Seva and get a glimpse of the love that was propagated in Krishna’s Gokulam.

The friendly cows in Giridhari’s Goshala are taken care off in the most humane way. They are treated with a lot of love and affection, not only during their milching years but also when they are old and no longer able to continue their service of providing milk for Lord Giridhari-the protector!
Initially, this Goshala was established with three cows and had the capacity to accommodate 20 cows. But now, as a sign that Lord Giridhari is pleased, the number of cows has grown to 60–three times the capacity that the Goshala can accommodate. We began to realize we now need to expand this space!

And then, the arrival our newest member, our bundle of joy, our sweet little Radhe, the youngest calf of our family and several new calves that would be arriving soon as well, the need to expand Goshala to serve these cows by providing a more spacious accommodation has become even more pertinent.

ISKCON HBR is planning an extension of the Giridhari’s Goshala to provide a bigger space and better facilities for the upkeeping of and serving these cows. We seek your participation and help in making this happen at the earliest.

The Vedas say, when the Cows and bulls moved around fearlessly and wander freely, that place becomes Vaikuntha!

Let us join hands to bring this Vaikuntha here, right now! Let’s join hands to bring peace and prosperity to mankind and please Lord Krishna!

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