Go Seva
Go Seva, including Cow care and cow protection, takes an exalted position in our scriptures. Srila Prabhupad has often emphasized the importance of providing protection to cows and bulls for an economically stable and healthy society and world.
Lord Krsna, during His childhood days in Vrindavan had instantiated the importance of cow care and protection in innumerable instances.
Namo Brahmanya Devaya
Go brahmana Hitaya-ca
Jagadeethaya Krishnaya
Govindaya Namo Namaha

“My Lord, You are the well wisher of cows and the brahmanas, and you are the well wisher of the entire human society and the world” (Vishnu Purana 1.19.65)

Srila Prabhupada often emphasized that cow is our mother and thus should be cared for with utmost respect and love. Performing Go seva gives the benefit of offering our prayers to 33000 crore devatas, who reside in the various body parts of the cow. Cow is also considered as Goddess Lakshmi by many devotees as they bring auspiciousness wherever they step their foot

General Sevas

It costs Rs.100 a day to maintain one cow.
5 cows = ₹ 500
10 cows = ₹ 1000
20 cows = ₹ 2000
30 cows = ₹3000
Whole herd = ₹ 35000
Medical Expenses = ₹11000
Construction of new Goshala = ₹ 7.2 lakhs

Daily Feed

Paddy Straw

300 @ ₹15000


2bags @ ₹1000


3bag @ ₹ 3000

Wheat bran

7k @ ₹ 6000

You could volunteer/contribute/be a brand ambassdor and become a stake holder.

Go Dhan Seva

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