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For books that help teach your children who are of the next generation to become leaders the world is searching for,

books that relate history from Vedic times to the morally challenging present yuga,

books based on Vedic classics and masterpieces which are full of real life edge of the seat thrillers, stories of sacrifices that inspire and of heroes who lead,

books with stories of mystical prophesies that are coming true, of Avataras and their messages and many more!!

What you see on the shelves of our Giridhar’s Gift Shop are several titles that have the potential to change lives and are global best sellers that have brought about a revolution in the thinking patterns of the intellectuals.


Set apart your gifts from the crowd – traditional clothing material for kids, men and women at inexpensive prices.

Incense and other aromatic products

Set the tone for your family conversations and prayers by filling your house with the positive energy emanating from these aromatic incense sticks

A one-stop shop for all your devotional needs!

Deity figurines, deity worship paraphernalia, altar decorations, dolls, meditation beads, bead bags, photo frames and posters, musical instruments, tilak, cow products, pure honey, dry fruits and nuts, fasting food and ekadashi related items and much more.

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